A Quick Guide To Sending Flowers To Celebrate A Friend’s Baby

Sending Flowers To Celebrate A Friend’s Baby

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion for any couple, so if you’re heading out to buy a bouquet of beautiful flowers to celebrate your friends bringing a new life into the world, here’s a quick guide.


The first thing to think about is the color, and while tradition dictates that we would usually buy blue for boys and pink for girls, feel free to break from this and go your own way!

Ultimately, you can choose any color for any gender, but if you do want to go down the traditional route, popular pink flowers include roses, tulips, carnations, lisianthus, and bouvardia, while common blues include freesia, delphinium, iris, hyacinth, and statice.

If you do want to break from tradition though, a popular choice is to go for a bright, multi-colored bouquet of tulips or roses, although the palette is entirely up to you.


The scent of flowers isn’t always that important, but it’s best to opt for something with a fairly soft and pleasant smell if they’re going to be around a newborn.

The likes of daffodils, iris, and sunflowers have softer scents, while things such as lilacs and lilies are a bit stronger, so probably not as appropriate.

Something else to bear in mind is whether anyone in the family might have any allergies to any flowers, or you could accidentally turn this beautiful moment into a disaster!

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The Message

It’s nice to include a message with your cards, but it can sometimes be hard to know exactly what to say!

Some florists will have pre-printed messages, but if you have to write your own and the words just aren’t coming, just keep it simple and encouraging!

To kill two birds with one stone, why not send your friends a Flowercard, a floral greeting card which you can personalize with your own message and delivered straight to the happy new parents.

Additional Gifts

New parents probably won’t be expecting much more than a bouquet of flowers, but if you do want to go the extra mile, there are a couple of things you could add to your flowers to make them a little more special.

For example, you could tie some balloons to the flowers, or buy the baby a small toy, or the parents some chocolates?

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While most florists will allow you to have the flowers delivered straight to the recipients, if you do live close by, it’s great if you can make the effort to deliver them in person.

If you live far away or can’t make it in person, it’s always recommended that you have the flowers delivered the family home, rather than the hospital.

This way they won’t have to worry about transporting them home themselves and risk damaging them when they’ve got so much else to be worrying about!

Just make sure that the flowers are being delivered in a nice vase or container that the family will be happy with.