10 Parenting Tips For Talking About Drugs With Your Children


Parents need to talk with their children about drugs. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy topic for parents or children to open up about. Parents don’t want to think about the problems could cause for their children and children don’t want their parents to interfere with their lives. Regardless, both parties need to participate in an open and honest discussion on drugs and drug use. These 10 parenting tips on drug use will help you navigate a discussion on drugs.

  1. Explain why some drugs are helpful and how others can harm you. Also mention that even helpful drugs can hurt people if they aren’t taken the way they are prescribed.
  2. Explain that not all people who take drugs are bad. They may be depressed and not know what else to do or they could have started taking them because nobody ever told them why it was dangerous to do so.
  3. Let children know they can talk to you if they are offered drugs or if their friends are taking drugs and you will try to help them through the situation without becoming angry.
  4. If your child does come to you with questions or comments about drugs, listen carefully. Give them your full attention.
  5. Be clear on the family drug use policy. If they have a clear understanding of the rules they are more likely to follow them.
  6. Lead by example. Not only teach them also give a good example with your act. Lead them by giving good self example because every child tries to follow their parents.
  7. Role play with children to help them think of ways to say no if they are offered drugs.
  8. Give children the freedom to make choices that affect their lives. This will not only teach them how to make good choices but will give them a sense of control they may otherwise try to find in drugs or alcohol.
  9. Make sure children have things to do instead of using drugs such as after-school activities or clubs.
  10. Make sure that you reinforce your beliefs about drugs regularly.