Children’s Fashion Trends For Spring 2018

Children’s Fashion Trends

As we move into spring, fashion trends for children are a very hot topic, as mums look to uncover the hottest trends for their children to wear. As we all know, the winter is known for dark or neutral-colored clothing, and that is why the transition into spring is something that parents and children’s fashion lovers look forward to each year. Gone are the darker and duller pieces of clothing, with brighter and lighter clothing coming in as a replacement.

However, one thing to keep in mind with this time of year is that the weather can be extremely unpredictable, and so your child’s wardrobe has to reflect this and prepare for it, much in the same way that the emerging fashion trends are. So, let’s take a look at the trends set to leave their mark on the children’s fashion industry this spring.

Colors in Fashion

The color of clothing and trends is very important, especially when associating them with a particular season of the year. For your child’s fashion pieces this season, it is important that you choose some of the best colors that not only reflect the season, but that also complement each other whilst creating an outfit to be proud of. Try mixing and matching different colors that you never before thought would work well together, using bright but strong yellows, reds, blues, and greens in your child’s outfits.

Spring 2018: Children’s Fashion Trends

Whenever we enter into a new season, there are always certain items of clothing, different designs, and complete outfits that become the most popular. This season is no different, and we are already beginning to see trends and key features in the children’s fashion industry. Some of the best and most popular trends emerging include:

Patterns, Prints, and Embroidery  Making a comeback for this season, patterns, prints, and embroidery are fantastic ways to bring life to your child’s clothing, and really make their outfits fun to wear. Floral patterns and prints are always an essential part of any spring wardrobe, but the introduction of embroidered floral patterns is something that all mums are looking to capitalize on. Used mainly on dresses, blouses, and shoes, you can add an element of elegance and femininity to your little girl’s outfit with patterns, prints, and embroidery.

Flouncy Frilled Clothing Very popular this spring, flouncy frilled clothing adds a feminine touch to any outfit and can be very fun for your child to wear. With girl’s clothing including dresses, jackets, tops, and other items of clothing featuring flouncy frills, you can introduce this stunning trend to your child’s wardrobe in more ways than one.

Blazers and Trench Coats  As is a well-known fact, the spring can often throw up a number of different surprises where the weather is concerned. One moment there can be bright sunshine in the sky, and the next there might be a heavy shower of rain. With this in mind, it is always advised that you carry a light coat or jacket with you during spring, with blazers and trench coats among some of the most stylish options available to choose from.

Faux Fur Jackets  Another alternative to preparing for the unpredictable weather is lightweight faux fur jackets, full of color. By adding these extravagant jackets to your child’s wardrobe, not only are they able to keep warm and protected from any rain, but they can also wear something fun and fluffy!

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