Fairy Freckles And Friends – The Best Kids Party Entertainers Sydney

Kids Party Entertainers Sydney

Fairy freckles and friends are professional kids’ party entertainers. Having their base in both Sydney and Melbourne, they’ve gained a reputation as the kid’s party entertainers to trust. Not only do they entertain your kids only they also let you have the chance of enjoying the party.

Are you looking for fun-filled characters to entertain your kids? Well look no more; here at Fairy Freckles and Friends, we offer a diverse range of characters you can choose from and are the perfect choice when you’re looking for kids party entertainers in Sydney. They can dress up as different characters and ensure that the kids are kept happy. The joy that comes out of this is that children are happy and will have a good memory of their party. More so games are also involved which make the parties more interesting and will keep the children occupied throughout the party.

The creativity and natural flare found in Fairy freckles and Friends are second to none. The founder herself having focused on kids’ entertainment for more than a decade will ensure the party is memorable. What lies behind making the party memorable is the leader of the pack Fairy Freckles. Together with other characters, they will always come up with creative fun and games. Fairy Freckles herself will always fly in from her home Somewhere Over the Rainbow and will grant wishes to the kids and turn them into little fairies.

One can always rely on Giggles the Clown for a good laugh. Giggles is Fairy Freckles best friend and will always pop out of nowhere suddenly and do her best with her infectious laugh making fun balloon creations. The Unicorn Twinkle Sparkle will always come in handy. Her favorite thing is face painting and making butterfly balloons and she’ll always your kids away with her special unicorn magic. By portraying this attribute, she ensures everyone is having a great time. The Rainbow Mermaid will always put on a show of great sea magic. She does this by coming to the shore when party bells ring to entertain with her magic tricks.

We cannot forget Pirate Pearl together with her mate Pirate Pete. They give the show of their life on a pirate ship. The most interesting bit is that they kick up a storm by making balloon swords.

Good value rates will always be a matter to put into consideration when looking for kids party entertainers. Worry not for Fairy Freckles and Friends to have packages that can favor all our customers. We have different time options ranging from 1 hour to 2 hours. In the 1-hour party package we include; pass the parcel, face painting, a magic show, rainbow dance, and bubble blowing. The 2-hour package will also include all the 1-hour package features and a few other added niceties. Toddlers too are not left behind with their bespoke package which will include special birthday wishes and other fun games and activities. More so you may be having other major parties like weddings Fairy Freckles and friends will always be available to keep your kid’s company with our roving entertainers.

In conclusion, Fairy Freckles and Friends Kids Party Entertainers will always ensure that fun and unforgettable moments are part of your kid’s parties. More than that Fairy Freckles and friends also help in organizing your kid’s parties and ensure that it is a success. Over the years of providing services to our customers, expansion was inevitable. Our newly launched kids party entertainer based in Sydney will also offer the same services as the Melbourne organization. By hiring Fairy Freckles and Friends Kid Party Entertainers you sure to have a quality, fun, and entertaining party every time. One can always feel free to check out our gallery of other parties on our website. You can also email us or make a call and we will ensure you get only the best party entertainment!