5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Childcare Centre

Childcare Centre

Before you start your search for a childcare provider it is important to know; not all childcare is equal. There are different types of care, service sizes vary, some centres offer extras, others may have extended hours, and some should probably be avoided. Finding the right, good-quality childcare provider is key to giving your child their best start. So, how do you know what childcare provider to choose? These are our top five things to consider when you choose a childcare centre.

The first thing you must consider is the type of childcare you’re looking for, long daycare or occasional care, out of school hours care, a preschool, or an early learning centre. There’s no point wasting time looking at centres that don’t offer the right service.

  • Location

As the Real Estate agents like to say, its all about location, location, location. Should you pick somewhere close to home or close to work? Does having a longer commute allow you and your child more time together or would it add more angst to the day? Could you get a service just as good in another suburb at lower rates? Let’s say you live in Leichhardt NSW, then you can go to Leichhardt child care listing to find the childcare centres in the area, their fees, vacancies, and more. Whatever suburb you want to research, you can find it on that website.

  • Curriculum

A good childcare centre will not just give care to your child, but they will educate them too. Allow them to flourish, and even instil a lifelong love of learning in them. Whether you prefer a religious background, or have cultural preferences, or are dedicated to sustainability it doesn’t matter. When you find a childcare centre that shares the same values and philosophies as you, then you become a team working on a common goal together.

  • Environment

Once you’ve chosen some centres you prefer, you need to look at them. Book a tour so you can see if the centre is clean, has plenty of toys and resources that aren’t old and broken, and see how the staff interact with the children. Are they getting down with the children and involved in the play? Is there a general feel of happiness and organisation, or is it more chaotic? Remember, not every child is likely to be happy at the same time, but if most are miserable then something could be wrong.

  • Ratings

Lastly, its good to know what others think about the childcare centre you want to enrol your child into. Look for online reviews, ask other parents, and check out the centre’s National Quality Standards (NQS) rating. You can see what the centre needs to improve on or what they excel at.

Choosing the right childcare centre can be a daunting process but by considering these five things the process can be easier. You will also have a much better chance of finding the right centre for your child to thrive and succeed in.