Essential Buys For Baby

Essential Buys For Baby

Getting all the things you need for baby isn’t easy but here is a list of things which you will require and these are essential for your baby:


You will probably want the baby close in the first few weeks or months. A cradle, bassinet of some sort, or there are even playpens that convert to a cribbed which can be a wise option especially since you can use it later when the baby gets older.


You will need extra sheets, lap pads, and waterproof accessories. Baby bedding runs between $100-$300 new for a complete set and like many things, you get what you pay for. One set includes Comforter, bumper pad, skirt, diaper stacker.


It doesn’t normally come with the crib, so you’ll need to shop for one that is suitable for the cot of your choice.

Dresser, Drawers, and Storage

Before you know it, you will need compartments and drawers to stash all that new baby stuff in.


A stroller is necessary for your baby it will make your baby happy. Go window shopping for strollers and compare prices and make your decision. You want one which is fully adjustable, lightweight as well as easy to fold.

Car Seat

You must have one right away. You can either get an infant car seat that can be used as a carrier or even as part of your stroller. The car seat will save your child from any mishap during driving a car.

Baby Seats

Stroller and car seats can include carriers in their multi versions. There are so many options in this category. You need to look around and consider your lifestyle to make the right decision for you and your baby.

Baby Sling/Carrier

This is one of those things you will have or not interested in at all. It comes in handy from 0-10 months depending on the baby’s weight.